Dimday Red - Quickstart + Zine Bundle

35.00 - 70.00
Dimday Red - Quickstart + Zine Bundle

The Dimday Red Quickstart + Zine Bundle will provide you with the complete experience and all the materials you will need to play the game.

There are three flavors to choose:

1. Mini Cards, which contains:
- Dimday Red Quickstart
- Nodus Zine
- Moribus mini cards to cut out (2 A4 heavy paper sheets)
- 5 Playbooks (character sheets)
- Extra swag

2. Full Decks, which contains:
- everything in Mini Cards plus
- Hand-crafted, signed & dated packaging
- Moribus deck - 49 cards (instead of mini cutout cards)
- Tenet deck - 14 cards

3. Collectors Edition, which contains:
- Everything in Full Decks plus
- Neu Bonn map
- Dimday Red comic

You will also get access to the digital version of the Quickstart so you always have its latest version.

Take your first row seats and let's watch the world burn!

NOTE - All deliveries are made through Registered Mail which makes them really hard to get lost, and you can track their course!